Vivien had three inherited rings that she loved but just didn’t wear.

She booked an appointment with our designer Natalie to discuss how she could use the gold and the stones to make ring that she could wear every day.


The rings all had different shaped stones, which can be tricky to incorporate into one single ring.

But at Petra Jewellery we pride ourselves on coming up with original and exciting designs to fit a range of stones all with different shapes and sizes!


We came up with a variation of a beautiful design we have made before which we call our Scattered Bubble ring.

It incorporates Vivien’s gorgeous variety of stones all into one mount. The beauty of this design is that it looks uniform and attractive, whilst still being totally random!

Photo 14-02-2020, 11 32 03.jpg

The end result is so unusual. It is an outstanding work of art which beautifully frames Vivien’s collection of different stones.

The setting style is called rubover and it’s really smooth and practical which is exactly what Vivien wanted so that she could wear a really interesting design every day!


You can see this ring and many other gorgeous designs in our bespoke collection here: