Rebecca was unable to wear her wedding, engagement and eternity rings together as they were just too bulky, so she booked a design appointment to see what could be done.

Each ring held huge sentimental value so during her initial design appointment, Rebecca and our manager Natalie came up with the idea to create a split ring shank to go around the original setting on her engagement ring - a bit like it was giving her engagement ring a ‘hug’!


After a second appointment to lay out the order of the stones, (which was very much led by Rebecca’s children - they have an eye for design!) we were ready to get to work.

Our goldsmith Behzad melted down the gold from the original rings, and started work to create the new shank.

Photo 18-12-2019, 14 27 14.jpg

Once the shank had been built and the trilogy placed in the centre, it was then ready to be sent to our setter. This ring has 3 different setting styles which is very unusual, so it had to be sent to our most experienced setter to ensure that all three styles were completed perfectly.


This was one of Natalie’s favourite designs to date, as each section of the ring is so unique to the others. Although it is a single ring, you can still see the definition between the wedding, engagement and eternity rings.

The final piece includes the character from Rebecca’s original rings, with a new modern twist - literally!

I was never able to wear my engagement, wedding and eternity rings together as it just looked to bulky, but each one had sentimental value and memories - from a proposal in Portugal, amazing wedding day, birth of our three children and even the sapphires for my birthstone.

I eventually was only wearing my wedding ring daily as they were all getting on the tight side so after years of thinking about it I took the plunge and looked into creating one ring using elements of them all.

I found Petra via an internet sight and booked an appointment. From the first point of contact they were so friendly and helpful. Before my first appointment I was so worried because I had no idea what I wanted but Natalie was so helpful and patient, she talked me though all the possibly options. Together we designed the ring and the process began.

It was hard leaving my rings behind but I was so excited to see the end result. Throughout the process we were in constant contact and I was given updates regularly. When the day came to see the finished ring I could not have been happier!

It is absolutely perfect. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is and I now have a gorgeous unique ring Full of memories. Thank you xx
— Rebecca

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