Our lovely customer, Maurine, is unsurprisingly a big fan of diamonds…

This is her looking at some gorgeous gemstones at our VIP diamond event back in February!


She had a lot of her own diamonds set into pieces that she didn’t wear. So, she asked our designer Jay to create a beautiful and very special design.


Jay started to sketch out his design with the diamonds in front of him.

He then drew it out on black paper to ensure you can see each individual stone and all the fine details…

He also unset Maurine’s stones and laid them out on a sticky surface to show the true size and layout.


We had a lot of fun showing this design to our customers who attended our gemstone viewing events!

Once the design was finalised, the work could begin!


First, our goldsmith created the settings that the diamonds would be set into, as you can see, it was very intricate!

Photo 14-03-2020, 14 29 14.jpg

Once Behzad had created the necklace, it was sent to one of our expert setters for the diamonds to be set.

Then a gorgeous tear-drop shaped pearl was set into the bottom of the pendant.


Once we got the necklace back, we were all a bit stunned at how delicate and beautiful it was!


This is Maurine wearing the finished necklace. You can tell that it was quite literally made for her!

You can see the processes involved and some behind the scene shots in this video!


You can see this necklace and many other gorgeous designs in our bespoke collection here: