Donna came in to see us for a ring repair.

She got chatting with our team and let us know that she had recently lost her mum who she was very close to. We had recently completed a commission for a men's ashes bracelet, so we showed her some photos as examples of the kinds of things we can do with ashes in jewellery.

Donna loved the idea of this as she hadn’t yet decided what to do with her mums ashes. She came back in for a second appointment and designed a bangle with a hollow centre in which we could place her mum’s ashes.


Our goldsmith Behzad then got to work on the bracelet. He built two separate sections, one with a hollow part carved out for the ashes. Donna came in and sat with our goldsmith whilst the ashes were being put in.

The reason that the bangle is not hollow all the way through is that it wouldn’t be as structurally sound. It is important for this piece to last a long time, so the compromise is adding less of the ashes, but making it mostly solid.

Photo 02-07-2020, 15 37 52.jpg

We also made the bangle hinged so that it fit perfectly around Donna’s wrist. She didn’t want it to slide on and off which is perfectly understandable.


Once the ashes were set, we sent it to be engraved with a personal message, then to the setter to have diamonds set throughout, and lastly to the platers for it to be rose gold plated.

The finished piece is stunning. The hammered finish, rose gold and the diamonds make it a beautifully modern piece that suits Donna perfectly, and now she can have her mum with her forever.

Photo 01-09-2020, 15 13 49.jpg
The service at Petra’s is amazing. Nothing is too much trouble and the team are attentive and lovely. I am so happy with my memorial bangle
— Donna

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