John and Emma


John’s story is one that we share with a heavy heart.

John’s wife Emma very sadly lost a long battle with cancer late in 2019.

Emma was an inspirational woman who approached this tragic illness with incredible positivity and outstanding grace, however in this very cruel world we sometimes lose the best people. Emma is proof of that.

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There were so many things that Emma and John had planned to do which they never got a chance to. One passion they shared in particular was rock climbing.

John popped in to see our designer Natalie because he still wants Emma to be there with him when he carries on the plans they made together. He wanted to have her ashes set into an item of jewellery that he can wear every day so that she is there with him.

Between them, John and Natalie came up with a design for a bracelet, with the pattern of John’s wedding ring on the top, and Emma’s ashes set into the centre.


After several weeks of back and forth, and a lot of help and input from the whole team here at Petra Jewellery, we decided to use gold for the box to hold Emma’s ashes, and titanium for the chain.

Titanium is an incredibly resilient metal, and is the only real choice for activities such a rock climbing!

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Many tears were shed by both Natalie and John during this emotional process.

It was an honour to work with John to make sure that Emma could be with him whilst he continues on the amazing adventures they had planned together.

Sometimes life deals you the worst possible hand, but I am positive that John’s courage and determination would have made Emma proud, and that she will be with him every step of the way.

Thank you John for honouring us by letting us be a part of your story.


You can see this bracelet and many other gorgeous designs in our bespoke collection here: